Robert P. Swierenga -- Reception Photos

These pictures were taken during the June 2000 knighting ceremony at the Dutch American Experience held in Dr. Swierenga's honor at Hope College, Holland, Michigan.

Robert and Joan at reception photo

Joan and Robert at reception, Maas Center

Robert P. Swierenga Family photo

l-r: Celia Swierenga Groenhout, Sarah Swierenga, Joan Swierenga, Robert P. Swierenga,
Robert Swierenga Jr., Suzanna Swierenga Breems

Robert cutting cake photo

Cutting the cake: "Congratulations Sir Robert Swierenga!"

Robert with Dutch soccer shirt photo

Gift of a Netherlands soccer t-shirt in royal color orange.

Robert and Joan with knighthood medallion photo

Joan and Robert Swierenga at home with knighthood medallion.